What do investors and customers appreciate in the Europanel construction system?

What do investors and customers appreciate in the Europanel construction system?

This year, 17 years have passed since Europanel entered the market. It brought a new construction technology on the market which competed and still compete with regular brick and concrete construction systems. From the customers feedback we can present a few reasons why they choose Europanel for their projects or business.


Reliability and quality

Our primary goal was always to deliver orders in the best quality and in shortest time possible. Swiftness is given by the flexibility of our company and qualification of our employees. Used materials and production technology is a guarantee of quality, which is validated by the European certification.


Our experts on all technical and business professions ensures for you innovations, development, trainings, consultations and professional service.


Research and development

Since 2004 Europanel material was used for wall constructions. In 2008 we have implemented the use of our products on roof constructions of wooden and brick houses.

In 2011 we have introduced the Lightbuilding construction philosophy. The main idea is the combination of ground screws foundations and base board from Europanel system. You can combine this with prefabricated bathroom and toilet section. Lightbuilding concept has eliminated all wet processes of construction including concrete base. Besides of use in family house projects this concept was used for construction of medical centre in Seifhennersdorf, Germany in 2020.

In 2017 experimental house was constructed in Europanel headquarters. In this building permanent diagnostics of constructions is performed and measured according to Eurocode 5. Also the inner environment parameters are observed.

In 2019 four-year project of residential buildings based on Lightbuilding concept was finished. This project was co-financed by Czech ministry of regional development and participated by Brno University of technology. During this project statics, acoustics and fire protection tests were performed. Thanks to this, Europanel has become only fully inspected construction system in the field of SIP technology in Europe.

With the growing interest in tiny houses and small buildings, in 2020 we have invented rectifying ground screw head for Europanel projects.


Europanel distributes the construction system for competitive prices including above mentioned services. This is proven by the constant interest of investors, customers and construction companies. For our partners we provide further price advantages.

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