Become a partner

The EUROPANEL company seeks new partners to enter the European market. Companies trading with construction materials, construction companies and others that are interested in the EUROPANEL panels and will see benefits for their business when using them. We offer our portfolio of our services to all our current and future partners. Upon request, we will provide a price list for business partners.

What we offer:

  • a complex EUROPANEL construction system with European certification
  • price bonuses for partners
  • delivery of the EUROPANEL system for your business
  • technical support
    • preliminary calculation of the construction - is carried out on the basis of the tender documentation, i.e. the dimensioned floor plans and sections of the construction, the calculation contains the preliminary consumption and the price of the materials for the construction of floors, walls, ceilings and roofs of the EUROPANEL construction system. The calculation also includes the price of the installation documentation and the static assessment of the construction. Calculation in this scope is free of charge.
    • The processing of the assembly documentation - the assembly documentation is a set of assembly drawings, cut plan and piece list of parts.
    • Training - The company has created a complex training system for those interested in the EUROPANEL system.

The training takes place at the headquarters of our company in Liberec. The training schedule can be arranged individually on the basis of an agreement with the applicant.

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