The current construction deals with the contradiction between the requirements for low energy consumption for heating and the proper hygiene of the internal environment of buildings, the effort to save requires to seal the constructions, but the hygienic requirements, on the contrary, require to ventilate, ventilate, ventilate the buildings. An elegant solution of this contradiction is ventilation with heat recovery - the EUROPANEL Air system.

Europanel AirThe ​EUROPANEL Air system is the only one of its kind. It allows you to ventilate and recover heat with up to 90% efficiency. It draws the air out of the room and, thanks to the fine pollen filter, returns fresh air to it, free of all impurities and allergens. The powerful fan can exchange 90 m3 of air per hour. 3086/5000Its consumption is minimal. The entire ventilation and recovery system is controlled by a remote control with a touch screen. One glance is enough and you immediately know the temperature, humidity or CO2 concentration in the room.

Efficiency of heat savings (according to DIBt): up to 90%
Air exchange rate in the recuperation mode: 17 m3/h / 21 m3/h / 29 m3/h / 41-45 m3/h
Air exchange rate in the ventilation mode: up to 90 m3/h
Power consumption in recovery mode: from 0.20 W/(m3/h) to 0,.25 W/(m3/h)
Sound level of the measuring surface: ~16.5 dB at 17 m3/h
Airborne sound absorption Air 160: up to 42 dB
Airborne sound absorption Air 160 Plus: up to 49 dB
Filter: Dust filter (G3) / optional pollen filter
Pipe diameter: 160 mm
Core hole diameter: 165 mm --> 190 mm


The central ventilation units require air distribution throughout the entire construction that cannot be cleaned. The EUROPANEL Air system is a decentralized one without expensive air distribution and its maintenance is very simple. The ventilation unit is removed from the wall by simply pulling on the anchorage that is part of the unit and the ceramic exchanger can be washed in the dishwasher. No other maintenance is necessary, except for the replacement of the filter, which is only inserted into the interior plastic filter.

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