Technical parameters


Eurodesk is designed for foundation of houses, vacation houses or commercial building from light construction systems.

Main advantages are short construction time, versatility of use, perfect thermal technical parameters and all year long construction.


Main advantages of EURODESK

  • Fast construction process (you save up to 90% of construction time of concrete foundations)
  • Without any wet processes
  • Simple adjustment of Eurodesk to shape of the building
  • No need of radon insulation and hydro-insulation thanks to air gap
  • Eurodesk already have thermo insulation inside the panels
  • All year long construction
  • Construction without destruction of land
  • Precise dimensions of Eurodesk compared to concrete desk


Vertical load bearing capacity [kN/m2]
    lenght of panel [m]/ vertical load bearing capacity [kN/m2]​
name thickness of panel 2,5m 2,65m 2,8m 3m
EURODESK 170 170 mm 4,15 3,91 4,65 3,46
EURODESK 210 210 mm 5,21 4,92 4,65 4,34
EURODESK 270 270 mm 6,81 6,42 6,08 5,67

Chart 1

Thermal transmittance [W/m2.K]
name thickness of panel U [W/m2.K]
EURODESK 170 W/G 170 mm 0,25 / 0,21
EURODESK 210 W/G 210 mm 0,2 / 0,16
EURODESK 270 G 270 mm 0,13

Chart 2: W – white EPS, G – grey EPS (modified with graphite)




We provide price calculation upon request. Final price is based on dimensions and shape of foundations. On each EURODESK, statics assessment is made individually.


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