History of wooden panel constructions 3

History of wooden panel constructions 3
Panel wooden houses conquer the construction market

Panel wooden houses during the great boom

During the panel production in Christov & Unmack the original Döcker system underwent some developments. Two basic types of constructions were gradually profiled. The first was light, simple to dismantle and transport construction, so called ‘flying houses’ designed for the army and humanitarian events. The second types were heavier constructions, still suitable to dismantle, however dismantling was no longer priority.   The houses were designed for the constructions of civil buildings, barracks, hospital pavilions, hostels, schools, leisure facilities, and similar.


The growth of the panel production

The production in factory Christov & Unmack in Niesky commenced in 1882 with 50 employees. In 1907, the factory already had 400-500 employees and  surface area of 60.000 m2. The production premises were on 16.000 m2. The factory included 3.000 m of rails for internal factory transport.  The factory had its own power station which supplied electricity to 80 woodworking and metal cutting machines. In the storages, the manufactures permanently kept the stock of 6.000 – 7.000 m3 of pine wood. Despite great production capacity of the plant in Niesky, it was necessary to build another production plant. It was located in Bohemia.


The production of panels moved to Bohemia

In 1891, the production commenced in Buzendorf, current Boleslav. This location had the advantage of sufficient supply of wood from nearby Jizera Mountains, and it provided the workforce from agriculture. Additionally, the contracts for Austria-Hungary could be implemented tax-free. In Bohemia, Döcker houses were made in all variants, the production included the hospital and school pavilions. For example in 1912, the factory supplied 20 hospital pavilions to Buenos Aires. The Boleslav  plant was not connected to railway, therefore in  1912 large reloading hall was built in the neighbouring village of Černousy. In 1915, the factory in Boleslav burnt down and the production moved to Černousy. The factory in Černousy started functioning the next year.


Ing. Luděk Liška


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